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Dominick K. Piegaro Essay Example For Students

Dominick K. Piegaro Essay emailprotectedPermanent Address15 Cedar StreetMidland Park, NJ 07432(201) 444-0288OBJECTIVE A situation as an operator for the Federal Bureau ofInvestigations. EDUCATIONRutgers University, New Brunswick/Piscataway, NJCriminal Justice Degree, May2007Cumulative G.P.A. 3.3 Major G.P.A. 3.4RELEVANTCOURSEWORK Criminal Justice, CriminologyEXPERIENCE Service Technician March 2000-Present (seasonal)Blue Sparkle Pools, Hawthorne, NJ-Service, fix, and introduce pools-Plumbing and electrical parts of warmers, siphons, andpool gear Service calls: go to clients houses to appropriately fixtheir problemsStock and Delivery February 2003-June 2003Wine and Spirit World, Ho-ho-kus, NJ-Assisted clients in finding what they required Made sure selves and presentations were appropriately supplied Delivered merchandise to customersCustodian February 2002 June 2002Parisis Health Club, Midland Park, NJ-Kept all hardware tidy up and rooms clean-Attended to any necessities of the staff or membersSKILLS-Learned to work with individuals Learned through experience how to manage clients andproperly manage circumstances close by Athlete: comprehends the stuff to land the p osition done;discipline, incredible preparing and readiness skills,dedication to the undertaking at handACTIVITIES Football 1994-Present-Pop Warner-High School-College

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Challenges Faced By Entrepreneurs free essay sample

Essentially a business person can be viewed as an individual who has the activity, ability and inspiration to set up a business or his very own endeavor and who consistently searches for high accomplishment. He is an impetus of social change and works for the benefit of everyone. He searches for circumstances, distinguishes them and holds onto them essentially for monetary increases. A business person is an individual who can communicate and execute the urge, expertise; inspiration and inventive capacity to build up a business or industry of his own either alone or as a team with his friends.His thought process is to win benefit through the creation or dissemination of socially useful products or administrations. He is enhanced with the inalienable characteristics of adventurism, eagerness to confront dangers, imaginative desire and inventiveness and is anxious to make dynamic hangs in the creation procedure, acquaint developments and with discover new uses for crude materials. In any case, presently there is such a significant number of difficulties looked by new business visionaries I. E. Absence of persistence in taking care of issues, absence of continued inspiration, Inability to dream and utilize subliminal and so on. Notwithstanding this different difficulties incorporates; creating vision and thoughts, raising capital, amassing a group, finding the correct area, finding the correct workers, discovering great clients, beating rivalry, unanticipated difficulties and costs, staying aware of mechanical changes and inclines and leaving the business.Introduction Giant freshwater prawn (Macrobiotic A business visionary is a financial pioneer who has the capacity to perceive indicate n ties the fruitful presentation of another item, new wellsprings of gracefully, new procedure of creation and so on and who collected the essential assets and sorts out them into a going 71 concern. A business visionary is an individual who discovers and assesses another circu mstance in his condition and coordinates the creation of such modifications in the financial framework as he esteems necessary.He consistently scans for change, reacts to it and adventures it as a chance. Development is the particular LOL of business people, the methods by which they misuse change as an open door for an alternate business or administration. A business visionary is one who arranges, works and accept the danger of an undertaking. The force of the test to advance a business culture just as to develop new endeavors in a practical and serious manner differs between countries.Starting a business and turning into a business visionary is energizing it is likewise unnerving. While beginning another business visionaries face such huge numbers of difficulties, for example, flimsiness, stress, negative attitude, overpowering emotions, jack of help, sentiments of needing to quit any pretense of, growing a business, issues of crude material, issues identifying with promoting, obsolete innovation, absence of infrastructural offices, absence of gifted works and so forth. So as to lead an effective business a business visionary must defeat challenges.The primary destinations of the in vestigation are to distinguish the difficulties looked by the new business people and to break down the measures to conquer them. Specific concerning access to fund. All business people will sooner or later feel overpowered with numerous obligations that fall on their shoulders. The regular difficulties looked by business people are Overestimating Success, Misplaced reason,. Negative Mindset, Poor Organization,. Handyman, Employee Motivation, Lack of Support.The World Bank report presents the outcomes off review of smaller scale, little and medium organizations in Georgia, and dissects factors that restrain development of pioneering and inventive action of Georgian firms. Appears name troubles in access to fund, particularly for new businesses, inadequate information and innovation move, restricted aptitudes, nonattendance of exceptional Government program on the side of enterprise and advancement among key on-screen characters that compel their development and improvement. The World Bank report gives chosen proposals planned for improving pioneering society and encouraging imaginative enterprise. Private area makes 9 out of 10 occupations in the worldwide economy. Along these lines, formation of appealing speculation atmosphere and favorable business condition for new business passages and development of private area is foremost for supportable monetary development of the nation and neediness reduction.In Georgia, be that as it may, the portion of little and medium organizations in GAP stays little at under 20 percent of GAP and is a lot of rower when contrasted with numerous nations in the area (like Armenia where SEEM contributes 42 percent to GAP) or in Europe and Central Asia district, with a normal 60 percent portion of SEEM in GAP. As indicated by the World Bank 2013 examination Fostering Entrepreneurship Georgia, Georgian imaginative firms make 30% more employments and are substantially more serious in the local and worldwide markets than non-in ventive firms.Database and approach The investigation depends on optional information. The auxiliary information required for the investigations were gathered from different books and distributions identified with the subject under examination. Business people need to confront various difficulties making progress toward progress, in 72 Therefore, cultivating development of enterprise and making condition for scaling up and fast development of creative and increasingly gainful firms should get one of the key needs of the nation s improvement goals.Similar to numerous nations in the ACE locale and specifically, EX. part nations, the administration of Georgia mutually with the private segment can encourage pioneering by raising significance of enterprise, improving the general business condition, expanding access to business sectors, data and supporting abilities arrangement, encouraging access to fund and making uncommon instruments and foundations to empower advancement, Increase firm-level research improvement centralization, encourage information and mechanical overflows to build firm-level productivity.The following were the significant difficulties looked by new business visionaries. Opportunity into a business thought. This as a business challenge in light of the fact that the way toward changing issues into business openings resembles attempting to transform lead into gold. The enterprising procedure of Creating Value from nothing ; a procedure that brings inventive items into reality. The following is a representation of how the procedure goes. Recognizing issue > seeing open door in the issue > Coming up with an answer > Forging the open door into a business thought > Integrating the arrangement into a business plan.Developing a dream is unquestionably a business challenge in light of the fact that a business person should now and then expect the job of a magician.. Most people are OK with the current method of getting things done however it is the obligation of a business person to imagine and figure what's to come. A business person should consistently be relatively revolutionary or, more than likely he will lose his pertinence. It is the obligation of a business person to bring into present what is yet to be. It is additionally the obligation of a business person to carry answers for others s problems.In the late ass and early ass, while IBM saw increment popular for their centralized computer PCs, Steve Jobs imagined a PC in each home and Bill Gates imagined the requirement for simple to utilize programming for PCs. That solitary vision made Bill Gates the most extravagant man on the planet and Steve Jobs the most celebrated representative of the 21st century. A decent representative must have nose for business a similar way a writer has SSE for news. A decent specialist sees where others wear t see. 1. Building up the Vision and Business Idea To have a good thought, have a great deal of them. What's more, There is unmistakably more open door than there is capacity. Thomas Edison Developing a business thought is typically the principal challenge looked by each business visionary when beginning a business without any preparation. Finding the correct business opportunity or inventively building up a thought is absolutely not a simple undertaking. Imagining the thought the main genuine assignment of a business person. A business person must have the capacity to perceive what others can't see. While others see burglars, a business person must see openings. Be that as it may, seeing open doors is only the start. The fundamental business challenge will be the capacity to fashion that 2. Raising Capital for Startup After building up a thought, the following test that the business people are going 73 to confront when beginning a business without any preparation is that of raising capital. A business person is the one in particular that knows business thought profoundly. Attempting to persuade financial specialists about something that portions t exist is unquestionably a test. Attempting to cause them to comprehend that they are dependable and equivalent to the undertaking isn't slope s play particularly when constructing the first business.As a business visionary bound to have qualities and shortcomings. That is the more explanation a business person needs a business group to conceal or praise their shortcomings. A group is a need for building an effective business. It s the obligation of a business person to ensure that their group considers the to be as the business visionary see. They should have confidence in potential outcomes and should likewise be enthusiastic about making that chance a reality. On the off chance that they would t be able to get a handle on the vision, on the off chance that they would t be able to see the future with business, at that point they are not commendable being equines team.An productive vital business group ought to involve as broker, budgetary consultant, bookkeeper, lawyer or legitimate guide and whatever other expert that will be of gigantic effect on the There is more to raising capital than essentially requesting cash. Most financial specialists need to put resources into effectively settled organizations with insignificant hazard and they need to be certain that they get returns for the hazard they took. Most splendid business thoughts never scale thr ough the funding stage on the grounds that the business visionary is either not arranged or needs the stuff to raise the required capital. To beat the test of raising capital, a business person must create t

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The Dilemma of Childhood Obesity essays

The Dilemma of Childhood Obesity papers The motivation behind this paper is to distinguish a present issue in life expectancy improvement that has been of individual intrigue. This issue will draw numerous inquiries, concerns, recognize highlights that are progressively observable, and can frustrate advancement in what we would consider to be ordinary times of improvement. Youth heftiness is an issue that has been an expanding quandary all the more so in the course of recent decades. This specific issue is of extraordinary enthusiasm to me in light of the fact that the unfavorable impacts it has mentally and I work in an educational system where it is corpulence is common. At the point when we talk as far as stoutness in youngsters it can alter and make issues in the procedures of organic, conduct, and social subjective, ethological, environmental parts of advancement. How does weight occur? How does this influence the course of youth through adulthood? Who is mindful? Corpulence is ascribed to a potential absence of inspiration that originates from guardians, peers, and the earth where a kid lives. This delicate issue surely is a steady procedure that happens after some time and doesn't occur without any forethought. I watch time after time poor dietary patterns and all the more so now in a quick paced society where inexpensive food has become the standard over home prepared suppers. It is likewise imperative to express that with the two guardians or single parent homes where work is essential, there is more noteworthy obligation regarding kids to settle on more choices for themselves concerning eating for there is no direction. Schools were investigated all the more as of late throughout the years and have changed nourishment decisions and parts that help in decreasing the admission of nourishment devoured by all kids. This is a positive development, yet it is the thing that lies outside the school dividers that is a significant benefactor and is of more prominent worry, for it's anything but a reliable daily schedule. Which prompts a significant component which is constrained physical movement; which means there is no inspiration to go running, biking, or just ... <!

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Introducing Good Topics for Presentation

Introducing Good Topics for Presentation Good Topics for Presentation: the Ultimate Convenience! Inflation can't be controlled. Debate topics generally are intended to hold to attention of listeners, and we have some which are guaranteed to hold anybody's interest! Neatly type each point you wish to deliver, preferably in 1 slide. The following day you're going to be in a position to begin the experiment. You may have the most eloquent speaking points in the remainder of the presentation, but a well-made chart might be the tipping point to genuinely drive your point home. As a college or university student, you'll have to write several presentations in the duration of acquiring your degree. Contemplating that a vast majority of college students have courses teaching specialist communication skills, it's important to highlight that there may be instances when you've got to provide a group or individual presentation on a topic of your selection. You can pick any of the suggested topics to create an intriguing college presentation. A whole lot of students require assistance with assignment from professors and experts initially as they're newly introduced to man graded components in order to do well. If you buy an opportunity to deliver a business presentation, you can select a topic from the list given below. Now you're worried and are likely to shell out too much of your creative time hoping to decide on the most suitable topic and not rehearsing your presentation. You should repeat the principal ideas throughout your presentation so the critical points stick! To avoid losing your audience and receiving a lower grade, you ought to start with mulling over a few cool presentation suggestions to select an ideal topic. Maybe the most crucial portion of building an educational presentation is capturing that interest close to the outset. Students prepare presentations for many reasons, including some basic slides for important topic so they can review the class content quickly at the right time of examination. In school, it is generally utilized to assist you learn how to correctly decide on a topic which you can develop into a complete presentation, which is a significant skill to get later on. Selecting the very best topic for a presentation, researching and writing about it's a task that lots of students find quite tough to do. The theory behind contrast is to make slides that stand out at your audience and which they're able to easily read. Any man or woman who's invited to talk to a group of individuals may find himself wondering what things to speak about. You're giving a presentation before a room full of individuals. More to the point, the proper body language can cause you to be a more influential presenter. Famous lives The best American. Debate topics don't always need to be serious they are able to unquestionably be humorous also! Ideally, you ought to make notes as you find out more about the subject. Topics with which you're well acquainted with are inclined to be presented with more confidence. If you are feeling strongly on a specific subject, do your research and talk about doing it. Because there are several unique subjects, it may be quite tough for you to locate suitable topics for presentation assignments. You can also attempt exploring curious and controversial facets of a subject. You're full of choices. Based on the circumstance, you may rather not speak about topics related to get the job done. The next thing to do is to work out the 3 essential attributes for the job. Utilizing credit cards if you are not absolutely certain that you are able to make your payment in full within 30 days is risky. To get you started, we've prepared a thorough collection of 100 topics to have you thinking. Rather than scouring the internet for an image you may use or paying to license 1 image after another, an all-you-can download subscription to Elements gives you accessibility to the whole library. A bit similar to the desktop version, which means that you are going to have a couple challenges.

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Damages Clauses - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 7 Words: 2234 Downloads: 3 Date added: 2017/06/26 Category Law Essay Type Review Level High school Tags: Contract Law Essay Did you like this example? Contents: 1. Introduction P.2 2. The criteria necessary for a purported liquidated damages clause.. P.3 3. The main factors of claims P.4 4. The benefits to Employers and Contractors in a valid liquidated damages clause P.5 5. If the liquidated damages clause is not held to be valid and enforceable P.6 6. Conclusions and Recommendations P.10 Question 2: Discuss the criteria necessary for a purported liquidated damages clause to be held to be valid, the benefits that would accrue to Employers and Contractors in agreeing a valid liquidated damages clause and the principles (including but not limited to any disadvantages) involved in claiming damages if the liquidated damages clause is not held to be valid and enforceable 1. Introduction The implementation of construction projects are based Supervision Contract, construction contract as a medium to investors, supervision, construction of the three parties together, both interrelated between them, and mutual restraint, in order to realize the investments project progress the quality objectives are and work together. Therefore, the project contracts are essential for any party to the project file. The construction contract management is the most important daily management. The Fulfillment of Contracts, the contract because of the other party fails to perfo rm or improper performance of the tasks agreed in the contract losses and to the other party claims duration and economic, they constitute the core of contract management. To strengthen construction contract and claims management is not only to ensure the smooth progress of the construction works, the better for companies to avoid the unnecessary loss, strive for more profits The construction industry of Hong Kong determines was rapidly to increase of various engineering construction projects. Demand for the construction industry growing wider. Due to construction in a longer period of time. Moreover, many building and infrastructure projects will be still overflow the original contract period.. For the project quality it directly associated to peoples lives and the property safety. This determines the particularity of the project construction. In project construction, signed a contract to make all kinds of effective measures to ensure the quality of the project. The contract con clusion to the both sides responsibility shall perform the provisions of made clear that if one party does not strictly abide with the terms of the contract entered into by the other party of the contract so that the losses, than the defaulting party shall immediately to stop the breach of contract and shall be punished in the accordance with regulation or pay the injured party liquidated damages to compensate for the loss caused to the other party. 2. The criteria necessary for a purported liquidated damages clause To quote à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã…“Requirements for a valid liquidated damages provision To succeed in a liquidated damages claim contractual, a party must be establishment: Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Damages Clauses" essay for you Create order There has been a breach of contract; That has suffered a loss; That is a causal connection between the violation and the losses that party wants to close.à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚  1Pinsent Masons, Out Law .com, guide (Liquidated damages) ( August 2011) Liquidated damages is a agreement when the party of the contract commit to the pay of a certain amount of as a fixed and agreement upon satisfaction for not doing something in especially mentioned in the contract. If the work was completed late such a sum is enforce, due to their default the complete work was late. On the other hand, a penalty is a sum included in the contract which is intended to punish severely the contractor and is far higher than the employer estimated the loss .Such as the sum would be unenforceable. Claims causes: 1. The contract change with technology, continuous development of new technology, the employer of the projects have become more complex, so that very difficult design in construction is increasing, but the scene is often unforeseen happens. So designers in the design perfe ct, absolutely no mistakes is not possible. Often in the construction process, they need for design changes, sometimes according to the situation, the engineer will instruct change construction methods, which would lead to changes in construction costs and schedule. 2. The contract documents (including technical specifications) into the implementation phase defects sometimes contract, only to find that the contract itself has irreparable flaws, or ambiguous language, or the existence of loopholes or contradictions, inconsistencies caused both sides to understand. This will cause controversy, leading to claims. 3. In the construction site is not required to provide the materials, equipment, failure to pay for projects, engineers, mainly in the breach of contract because they cannot solve the problem, errors in the work, demanding inspection and other factors, interfere with normal construction. The reason due to problems with third-party engineering related contract or agreed t o enter into a third party occurred, the impact on the project schedule or cost, and can also be the cause of the claim. 4. Change policies and Ordinance, that regulations mainly refers to the project cost- relevant policies and regulations, because the timing of the project cost has a strong, regional, so the relevant authorities and the rest of the country will be the introduction of relevant policies, laws and regulations. Some are enforceable, and will change with the market, technology, and constantly changing, it will cause changes in the duration and cost become claims. [i]1Pinsent Masons, Out Law .com, guide (Liquidated damages) ( August 2011) 3. The main factors of claims: Due to a contractor to unable to fulfill the contractual obligations and it will be cause a chain reaction. If one fails to various contractors on time, is performed sequentially, and get something done, inevitably bring about the interference with the after sequence construction work units. Due to changes in the environment, such as: market price increases, changes in the law, abnormal weather conditions, unusual geological conditions, are leading to a potential incentive engineering claims. Under the contract should be extended period, the contract price will be adjusted for accordingly Due to the Tender documents, contract-specific terms, general terms of the contract, drawings, of Bill of Quantities and during performance of the contract agreement and a series of supplementary files, if the contract documents are not rigorous, even contradictions, omissions or errors will become produce one of the important factors claims. The Claims are in the process of implementation of the contract, because the other party fails to perform the contract or fails to properly perform their obligations under the contract or fails to protect commitments contractual conditions are fulfilled after suffered a loss, that request for com If the delay is the contractorà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s responsibility he may consider it financially more advantageous in the absence of an obligation to use best endeavors, to allow the work to overrun the contract period and to pay liquidated damages. 4. The benefits to Employers and Contractors in a valid liquidated damages clause In the construction process, because of the complexity and multiple engineering technology and the environmental variability, it is impossible to completely avoid claims. Claims that the parties to safeguard their economic benefits means the rights of the parties ,as a good claims management it to raise the preventive countermeasures to avoid a con tract controversial, so that the project can be completed in accordance with the scheduled time of high quality, for a win-win for both parties. To quote à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã…“the case law Dunlop Pneumatic Tyre Co Ltd v New Garage Motor Co Ltd[1915]à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚  The Court to find out whether the payment provision is in the truth finds or liquidated damages. The liquidated damages is essence for the contract to pre-estimate of damage. A question of construction to be decided upon the terms and for each particular contract under the inherent and judged as at the time of sign the contract circumstances, not as at the time of the breach. Which applicable to the case under considered, prove to be: It will be held to be a penal sum. If the sum is provisions and exorbitant in amount in compare with the greatest of loss that can envisaged in proved to have followed from the breach of contract. A single lump sum is made pay by method of claimant, on the occurrence of one or more or all of multiple events, some of which may occur serious and others but Notable for appear punitive damage. There a no hinder to the sum promised being a real to pre-estimate of damage. That the consequences of the breach of contract are such as to make precise pre-estimation nearly as impossibility. Conversely, the situation when it is possible to obtain at pre-estimate damage be true bargain between the both sides In this case, the essence of liquidated damages is that it is a genuine covenanted pre- estimate of damages. Whether a sum is a penalty or liquidated damages is a question of construction to be decided upon the terms and circumstances of each particular contract judged at the time of making the contract not at the time of breach. Moreover, it must prove their actual losses, mitigation, which is to take reasonable steps, covered by the liquidated damages provisions to avoid or minimize loss of benefits. In fact, if the clause was valid and applicable, the employer will have the right to specify a penalty even if they have no actual losses. 5. If the liquidated damages clause is not held to be valid and enforceable. To quoteà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚  If liquidated damages become unenforceable and hence an entitlement to unliquidated damages arises, can the unliquidated damages be greater had the liquidated damages. In the event of there being no such provision, time can become at large and the right to levy liquidated damages for any delays caused by the contractor is lost if delays are to any of these reason. In Rapid Building Group v Ealing Family Housing Association Ltd (1984) It is accepted that a party must elect whether to claim liquidated or unliquidated damages; but as it seems to me, where the claim for liquidated damages has been lost or has gone, as has been rightly held by the judge, the defendants are not precluded from pursuing their counterclaim for unliquidated damages. It is not accepted on behalf of the defendants that if they pursue their claim it has on it a ceiling equal to the amount of liquidated damages It was startled to be told in the course of the argument that if any part of the delay was caused by the employer, no matter how slight, then the liquidated damages clause in the contract clause 22 become inoperative. In peak construction it was held: if the employer is in way responsible for the failure to achieve the complet ion date, he can recover no liquidated damages at all and is left to prove such general damages as he may sufferedà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚  2Roger Knowles (2000) ONE HUNDRED CONTRACTUAL PROBLEMS AND THEIR SOLUTIONS p.68,Blackwell Science Ltd Where liquidated damages become unenforceable it will be for the employer to prove such general or unliquidated damages as he is claiming. This is in contrast to liquidated damages which require no proof to be enforceable. The question then arises as to whether, should the general damages which the claimant is able to prove exceed the liquidated damages included in the contract will payment become due for the greater amount so proved. 2Roger Knowles (2000) ONE HUNDRED CONTRACTUAL PROBLEMS AND THEIR SOLUTIONS p.68,Blackwell Science Ltd 6. Conclusions and Recommendations To conclusion, In this study through the concept of the contract, the main content, causes and current situation of contract management and claims be described, quote the cas e of claims related to introduce Construction Contracts, knowledge of contract management and claims management. Construction contract claims is a complex issue, that involving the knowledge economy, technology, law, management, finance and other aspects. Hong Kong is in a stage of rapid development and the claims are becoming increasingly frequent. Enhanced Claims awareness, strengthen contract and claims management to avoid unnecessary losses, ensure a schedule, quality and economic efficiency of the necessary means. Construction contract is the basis for the claim and the claim is a continuation of contract management. Project claims to prevent the above factors engineering claims analysis produced for the project claim, the owner as a management major is very hard in preventive aspects, specifically should do the following: Earnestly of preparing the project work, to make program, meticulous design work as closely as possible, required under the contract hundred perc ent complete. In the tender document production, and strive to reach contract of engineering content, one-time contract tendering out. In the implementation process of the claim, the claim is particularly important skill. Due to the objective of environmental conditions, and specifically the following: Looking for a claim early opportunity Signing a contract agreement Must be confirmed the verbal of change orders Timely to attach the issue Claims notice 5. Provide adequate demonstrate as a claims report Claims and expenses to calculation under the appropriate methods Individual claim strive to avoid claims; Strive to amicable settlement, prevent antagonism 7. References Case Law Study Dunlop Pneumatic Tyre Co Ltd v New Garage Motor Co Ltd[1915] Rapid Building Group v Ealing Family Housing Association Ltd (1984) Reference Book 2Roger Knowles (2000)ONE HUNDRED CONTRACTUAL PROBLEMS AND THEIR SOLUTIONS p.68,Blackwell Science Ltd References Online Website 1Pinsent Masons, Out Law .com, guide (Liquidated damages) ( August 2011) P.1 [i]

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Essay on Women in the Second Industrial Revolution

Women in the Second Industrial Revolution The Second Industrial Revolution had a major impact on womens lives. After being controlled fro so long women were experiencing what it was like to live an independent life. In the late nineteenth century women were participating in a variety of experiences, such as social disabilities confronted by all women, new employment patterns, and working class poverty and prostitution. These experiences will show how women were perceived in the Second Industrial Revolution. Women were confronted by many social obligation in the late nineteenth century. Women were living lives that reflected their social rank. They were expected to be economically dependent and legally inferior. No†¦show more content†¦Also, women generally socialized with one another, it was unheard of for a woman and a man to socialize unless her husband was with her. The nineteenth century brought about a change in womens education. Common schools were established in the 1820s, which started to close the educational gap between men and women. Eventually, women were able to take over teaching jobs because it dealt with child nurturing, which was considered to be a female job. On woman who made a difference in womens rights during the nineteenth century was Susan B. Anthony. In 1872, she felt that women perceived the government as having no just powers. The Second Industrial Revolution saw an expansion in the variety of jobs available to women. There was a movement that consisted of women getting jobs as office clerks and administrative positions while the law still saw them as inferior to their husdands and fathers. The League of German Womens Associations, was a group of German women that gave support to all the women in their new careers. The wartime jobs produced lasting careers and life-style changes for women. Some of the jobs they did were telephone operators, factory workers, seamstresses, and physicians. Most of the women that were hired for these jobs were young and unmarried because they had fewer obligations to attend. This meant, they could work long hours with little pay since they did not have a family to provide for. It wasShow MoreRelatedWomen And Their Roles During The Second Industrial Revolution3502 Words   |  15 PagesWomen and Their Roles in the Second Industrial Revolution When discussing history, it is often assumed that the history of men is also the history of women. Historians often forget that women constantly experience historical processes differently because of the roles that they play and their biological differences. The second Industrial Revolution affected women uniquely, and their involvement and contributions were distinctive as well. The second Industrial Revolution lead to many advantages andRead MoreThe Industrial Revolution Essay972 Words   |  4 PagesConditions of laborers and the role of women in society has been constantly evolving over the course of history. However, these two major groups experienced the most drastic alterations during the Industrial Revolution. Between the 19th and early 20th centuries, laborers diversified in age, while labor conditions declined. During this same time period, the role of women was reinvented as females searched for work and changed their role within the family. To begin, industrialization was the instigatorRead MoreNon-Political Revolutions734 Words   |  3 Pagesbeen revolutions that have affected the world in many different ways. There is two kind of revolutions political revolutions ,that are changes to the government, and non political revolution, that are intellectual, economic or social changes. The non political revolutions are important because they had shaped the way we all think, act and work in the actuality. Some of those non political revolutions are the enlightenment that was a change in the way that everybody thinked; and the Industrial revolutionRead MoreEssay on Life Pre and Post Industrial Revolution938 Words   |  4 Pagesgone through since the industrial revolution. Lives of people including men, women and children use to be lot different before the revolution and post revolution. The revolution helped certain people in many ways but also there were side effects which were seen in the lives and are seen post revoluti on. Industrialization has affected many people in particular to the lives of women and men to their way of working. The paper will focus on the different parts of the revolution and more on the life duringRead MoreIndustrialization After the Civil War Research Paper1321 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction Industrialization after the Civil War was a period where Industrial city were being built, there were jobs for people and the political aspect was having corruption. In this paper the main points in this paper discussed the major aspects of the Industrialization Revolution, such as groups that were affected by the Industrial society, and the affects the life of the average working American. While the Industrial Revolution was a great turning point in the history of mankind, it led humanityRead MoreEssay on The Industrial Revolution1366 Words   |  6 PagesThe Industrial Revolution Introduction to the Revolution The Industrial revolution was a time of drastic change marked by the general introduction of power-driven machinery. This change generally helped life, but it had its disadvantages as well. Pollution, such as Carbon Dioxide levels in the atmosphere rose, working conditions declined, and the number of women and children working increased. The government, the arts, literature, music, architecture and mans way of looking at life allRead MoreEssay on The Second Industrial Revolution1444 Words   |  6 Pagesof the Civil War, the technologies upon which the First Industrial Revolution was based were established in the United States. In the years following the war, the nations industrial energies were focused on completing the railroad and telegraph networks of the North, rebuilding those of the South, and expanding those of the West. Once the devastating depression of the 1870’s depleted, the stage was set for the Second Industrial Revolution. New inventions came about to ease the production of goodsRead MoreThe Nuclear Family Replaced the Extended Family After Industrialisation679 Words   |  3 Pagesanother; if one family member were hard done by, all the other family members would help sort it out. Parsons believed that the industrial revolution brought about three fundamental changes. The first of these was the new social roles where the men went out to work and the women stayed at home to do housework and look after the children. The second was the extended family became geographically mobile. He believed that by becoming geographically mobile, the extended familyRead MoreIndustrial Revolution Essay example1295 Words   |  6 PagesThe Industrial Revolution was a period from the 18th to the 19th century where major changes in agriculture, manufacturing and technology had a profound effect on the socioeconomic and cultural conditions of the world. The Industrial Revolution began in the United Kingdom as large deposits of coal and iron were found throughout the land which brought the rise of factories and machines, the idea then subsequently spread throughout the world. It was perhaps one of the greatest moments in human historyRead MoreHoward Spodeks Chapter 17 Notes Essay1306 Words   |  6 PagesChapter 17 THE INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION BRITIAN, 1700-1860 †¢ British cotton textile industry grew into the worlds most productive; its railway network became the nation’s principal means of inland transportation and communication; and a new fleet of steam-powered ships enabled Britain to project its new productivity and power around the globe. †¢ A Revolution in Agriculture o Jethro Tull invented the seed drill that replaced to old method of scattering seeds by hand on the surface of the soil. o

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Epidemiology in the Elderly with Heart Disease free essay sample

Epidemiology in the Elderly with Heart Disease Epidemiology in the Elderly with Heart Disease Public health promotes healthy living for each community through epidemiology. Disease prevention and control is the common goal of epidemiology, nursing practice, and public health. â€Å"Epidemiology is the study of the population in order to monitor the health of the population, understand the determinants of health and disease in the community, and investigate and evaluate interventions to prevent disease and maintain health† (Stanhope Lancaster. 2008). Epidemiologists have developed many parameters to slow the spread of disease. For example, cardiovascular disease including hypertension, coronary heart disease, and rhythmic disorders have become increasingly common with advancing age across the country. Epidemiology is the study of health related events, characteristics, and determinant patterns in a population. Public health researchers use epidemiology to help make policies and identifying risk factors for disease and preventable medicine through evidence based studies. Epidemiology looks at diseases such as cardiovascular disease along with infectious diseases such as influenza. Epidemiologists take into account health behaviors such as diet and activity, social conditions such as poverty and housing, health services and research. Epidemiology can be either descriptive or analytical. Descriptive epidemiology is the study of the distribution of health-related states or events. It refers to the occurrence of disease, in term of person, place, and time (Stanhope Lancaster 2008). It rules out chance, bias, confounding as explanations of observed differences, and draws conclusions as causal hypotheses. It also includes public health surveillance. Analytic epidemiology studies the determinants of health related states or events. It measures and tests the causes and associations (the how and why), from descriptive studies hypotheses, controls for chance, bias, confounding in the study design, analyzing data and drawing conclusions. Heart disease in the elderly population is an example of how the principles of epidemiology are applied in vulnerable populations. The methods used to quantify the existence or occurrences of the disease are frequency, distribution, and causes. Frequency has two components. The incidence is a measure of new cases of disease that develop in a population during a specific time. It also measures the probability that unaffected persons will develop the disease. Prevalence is the proportion of individuals in a population with disease or condition at a specific point of time. It provides an idea of how severe a problem may be. Distribution shows the risk factors that might be the cause of the disease. The epidemiologic triangle is used to help scientists with studying health problems. It helps understand diseases and how they spread. The triangle has three corners, the agent or cause of the disease (the what), the host or organism harboring the disease (the who), and the environment or external factors (the where). In the center of the triangle is time. Time refers to the incubation period or the time that the symptoms occur. Chronic heart diseases found in the elderly such as Congestive Heart Failure or CHF follow the epidemiologic triangle. There may be many causes of CHF including obesity and hypertension. External factors such as stress contribute to the risk of heart disease. Although many people live a healthy life style, they are not immune to heart disease. The steps of the epidemiologic methods are surveillance versus research, and common epidemiologic measures that are quantitative and qualitative. Quantitative measures are continuous numbers, and discrete numbers. Qualitative measures are nominal categorical, ethnicity, and ordinal. Epidemiology step methods are design, implementation, analysis, interpretation, and reporting. Public health is ongoing with systematic collection, interpretation, analysis, and dissemination of the data. This is used in public health to reduce the mortality rate and improve the health of the population. The risk for high blood pressure increases with age, therefore complications associated to high blood pressure increase. These risks are stroke, kidney disease, heart attack, and heart failure. By the age of 70 almost half of all Americans have high blood pressure due to unknown causes. Half of all heart attacks happen to those over the age of 65. Coronary heart disease is the leading killer in the elderly. Men are higher at risk for heart disease than women during middle age, women’s risk increases after menopause leading to equality in risk. Aortic valve disease is the most common heart valve disease in the elderly. The aortic valve allows blood to pump form the left ventricle to the rest of the body. Aortic sclerosis is the process of thickening and stiffening in this valve. This disease affects about one third of all elderly people. Heart rhythm and electrical system problems are more common with age. Arrhythmia’s can have no symptoms or be very slight causing palpations, dizziness, fainting, or light headedness. If the hearts rhythm is too slow, this is called bradycardia. If it is too fast, this is called tachycardia. Dysrhythmias are also common among the elderly. Heart failure is a major public health concern among the elderly. As the population ages, the prevalence of heart failure continues to increase. Assessing a patient through interview and obtaining an accurate medical history, doing a physical exam and electrocardiogram provides a great deal of information about the heart and risk factors. Further testing such as echocardiograms and nuclear scan will help to reveal more information about the structure of the heart and its function. Cardiac catheterization, a more invasive study, may be necessary to help determine treatment or provide a map for surgery. The elderly need to be considered frail and may be too weak to undergo such invasive testing. Although treatment for young and elderly is about the same, the age of the person needs to be taken into account when doing invasive testing. By the age of 65, the heart beats more than 100,000 times a day. It has pumped about 2,000 gallons of blood through 60,000 miles of blood vessels each day. The heart is the largest muscle in the body. Even at the age of 65, it has many more years of service. As people age the natural physiologic changes decrease the efficiency of the heart. The older the heart becomes the less elastic the muscle becomes, so it is not able to relax completely between each beat. The wall of the heart thickens, especially the chambers that are responsible for pumping the blood. The thickening of the walls causes the heart to enlarge. As the heart ages it becomes less receptive to adrenaline. This decreases the hearts ability to prepare for exercise. Adrenaline helps the heart increase strength and rate of contractions per minute. By the year 2013, it is estimated that one in every five Americans will be over the age of 65. Cognitive impairment can become a problem with ethical and legal issues such as informed consent for a test and getting accurate information when conducting an interview. Giving the elderly autonomy and respecting their decisions when it comes to heart disease is sometimes hard to do as a health care provider. Many times the older population only gets their income from Social Security and therefore do not have enough money for prescription medications and other treatment for their heart disease. It is the responsibility of the public health nurse to help the elderly get the help they need to get adequate treatment. Contacting the local Department of Health and Human Services may give the elder assistance with healthcare. These departments have special units just for elder assistance. Many drug companies will also give discounts for prescription medications. Giving the contact information to the older population is necessary. Many elderly will not tell the public health professional about their needs out of pride. Heart disease may be the leading cause of death, but prevention can be done. Stop smoking or don’t start smoking. Chemicals in tobacco damage the heart and blood vessels, leading to narrowing of the arteries. Regular exercise reduces the risk of heart disease by controlling weight and reduces the chances of getting other diseases that strain the heart muscle. Eating a healthy diet which is low in salt, cholesterol and saturated fats can help protect the aging heart as well. Maintaining a healthy weight and getting regular medical checkups can help prevent heart disease. Regular medical exams can detect disease early and given the chance, reverse the disease all together. Early detection and prevention saves lives, especially in the elderly population. The type of epidemiology used in this paper is descriptive because it describes how heart disease affects the aging population. It quantifies the existence or the occurrence of heart disease in the aging population. Descriptive epidemiologists consider the frequency and pattern of the heart disease. The frequency evaluates the rate of the disease and the pattern helps suggest the risk factors of heart diseases. They evaluate frequency and pattern by examining the person, place, and time in relation to heart disease. Epidemiology to the public health professional provides a systematic approach to caring for the public at large and treating by performing several tasks including surveillance, investigation, analysis, and evaluation. Different disease rates are used to target disease intervention and to generate a hypothesis about risk factors and the cause of diseases. Epidemiology is the core to public health and defines health in all dimensions. This paper analyzed the components of epidemiology as a science and its application to heart disease in the elderly. It also considers other sciences to help understand and prevent diseases and infection. Epidemiology opens the doors to the vast field of the public health goal to preserve life and human well-being. By preventing a disease, public health officials can help the public live healthier happier lives.